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Venue: Lyceum Theatre

Running Time: 2 Hours 50 Minutes

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Show Ends: Monday 9th September 2013

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Lion King Theatre Tickets

In Lion King, the birth of a lion prince who is heir to the throne begins a saga of ambition and betrayal when his uncle, Scar, plots to become King. Scar enlists the aid of the hyenas to murder King Mufasa, and convinces young Prince Simba that he is responsible for the death of his father. Simba, ridden with guilt, runs away into exile, abandoning his inheritance.

Simba almost dies in a desert, but a helpful meerkat and warthog save him and take him into the jungle, where he learns to live on insects and grubs. He remains there for many years, while, unknown to him, his kingdom falls into ruin under Scar’s tyrannical rule. Eventually, however, he meets a young lioness who persuades him to return to his home and overthrow his uncle, the usurper. Simba reclaims his kingdom and saves it, completing the ‘Circle of Life’.

Lion King is an adaptation of the animated Disney film of the same name produced in 1994. Its masterful score is the creation of musical maestros Sir Elton John and Hans Zimmer, with lyrics by Tim Rice. Lion King’s stunning costumes and unforgettable music make it a treat for the whole family.

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About the Lyceum Theatre

A theatre bearing this name has existed in the area since 1765, and the current Lyceum Theatre was originally designed by Samuel Beazley. It opened in 1834, and was made unique by a balcony that overhung the...

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Lion King theatre tickets

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